Sarah Henson is a painter based in a village near Guildford in Surrey. Since completing her postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools, London, in 1994, she has exhibited regularly in London and the South East of England. Sarah has received several awards, and a travel scholarship to South East Asia to further her studies.

Sarah’s work was described as showing “the most promise” by the critic John McEwen in the Sunday Telegraph’s “Critic’s Choice” when reviewing “Young Blood” four person show at the Crane Kalman Gallery, and as “outstanding” by Clay Harris in a Financial Times review.

After spending several years teaching Art and Textiles at Secondary Schools, Sarah now has her own successful business, running termly Adult Art Classes on Thursday and Friday mornings at the Community Room in Shamley Green, Guildford, for beginners and those with more experience, and a Drawing Class on Tuesday mornings.

For more details, contact Sarah either by email: artiikat@yahoo.co.uk, or by text on 0794 1036062.